Testimonials for Sam Neffendorf

These are some of the stories from clients around the world who have taken part in individual and group programmes with Sam

Thank you for the 6 sessions – they were exactly what I needed. I am amazed at how much


changed in my life during these sessions. I had some brilliant realisations about old unhelpful patterns and with Sam’s help I was able to make some deep and on-going shifts.

When I started the sessions I was stuck in a very uninspiring job. Over the course of the sessions Sam helped me to look at what I really want in life and to let go of beliefs no longer needed. I am now working in a wonderful job in perfect alignment with everything I was asking for. It’s all still sinking in!

Holly Bidmead

Holistic Practitioner for Horses

Working with Sam was both fun and profound. We worked on my money fears and blocks but uncovered so much more behind what appeared to be on the surface. Each session was different, and there were some surprising things that arose that I feel I would have had difficulty getting to on my own. He quickly helped me get to the highly charged issue in the way of what I wanted. We also explored some very practical aspects of money related to my business activities and personal finances which was so beneficial and means I can move forward with A LOT less resistance! I learned tools that I continue to use and that are of huge value to me in my daily life. I would really recommend working with Sam as someone who’s an expert in his field and who holds an open and safe space.

Natasha Alexander


Prior to engaging with the “Freedom of Choice” course, I was suffering from self-doubt and felt overwhelmed at the prospect of returning to University after a long break. Additionally, I lacked clarity in my direction and presented symptoms of underlying self-destructive habits.


Within a couple of weeks, things started to change dramatically. I became calmer and more focused, stopped caring about irrelevant things and improved on deteriorating relationships. The exercises helped to externalise my desires and sure enough, things started to materialise immediately. The most significant detail for me was the removal of physical and mental boundaries in achieving my degree.


Upon completing the course, I would describe myself as 100% more confident / focused and clear in my life’s direction moving forwards.  The removal of limiting beliefs and detrimental behaviours I was completely unaware of, has been both incredibly liberating and immeasurable in value.   

Luke Green


Liz Walton

Fertility Coach



Tina Parker

Business Adviser


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Before my first session with Sam I was in a downward spiral; I felt helpless, hopeless, trapped and lost. Over the course of six sessions we addressed a variety of issues including my crippling fear of failure, my overwhelming lack of self-esteem, as well as the heart-breaking guilt and anger I felt over the deaths of my parents.


It is no exaggeration to say that I am now a very different person – and I love it! I’m optimistic, confident, and excited about life again.


In the time between my first and final session with Sam I have resigned from my boring, dead-end job, moved to the other side of the country, and started a job that is far more in line with my future aspirations and jam-packed with opportunities for development. I have also started AND finished my Teaching English as a Foreign Language qualification, and plan to leave England within the next 6 months to travel the world and begin my career as an English teacher!


I will be forever grateful to Sam – working with him has helped to transform my life beyond anything I could have imagined.

Sara M

English Teacher

I was referred to Sam by a friend at a time when I was struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem and frustration at feeling stuck in a pattern of negative emotions around both work and home life.


With good humour and a no-nonsense approach, Sam quickly put me at ease and guided me on a journey exploring the origins of my negative emotions, both recent experiences and episodes in childhood.


Despite some initial scepticism on my part, I found tapping to be an accessible and effective technique for unlocking and resolving many of those feelings. Combined with visualisation, values mapping and gentle coaxing from Sam, tapping has enabled me to reach a more positive and peaceful state, with greater clarity about what I want from life. I’ve also learned a simple technique that I’m confident will be a companion for life.


  After six 90 minute sessions with Sam, I’ve achieved some significant positive shifts in my emotional and mental state which I now feel able to build on in the months and years ahead. Thank you, Sam.


Project Manager

I would thoroughly recommend Sam’s Bust Out of The Money Box course, in fact I already have! I am so grateful that I discovered Sam as he is such a gifted EFT coach with a warm and relaxed approach to his work.


I found the course inspiring.  It gave me so much insight as to what my blocks around money and abundance were and working week by week it really helped me to stay focussed on my goals and follow through with actions. 


While working on this course I had a real increase in clients and money coming forth from other areas too! It also helped me see the areas of my work that I would like to develop and I’m fairly sure without doing this work I wouldn’t have had that insight.

Sue Baker

Holistic Practitioner

Kate Marillat

Author and Tapping Creativity Coach

Leon Hughes

Chef and Catering Consultant

Tim Walter

Speaker and Geomancer

A friend recommended I listen to an interview with Sam Neffendorf on EFT radio. The interview was on Matrix Reimprinting and I was instantly interested in his work. Upon looking through his website, I scheduled a 30 minute call with Sam. Sam was incredibly kind and funny, and I felt as though I had known him for years. I decided then that I would invest in six sessions with Sam and could not wait for them to begin.

I will forever be grateful for the joy that Sam brought into this work. Though there were moments of deep revelation and deep healing, there was always a sense of fun and enjoyment. Sam has such a free and relaxed aura to him. It was easy for me to jump deeply within myself because of this space he held. I felt completely free and comfortable with Sam to dive into the deepest parts of me that I had previously kept hidden from even myself.

EFT has been an incredible tool to help me take back my power. With this new tool, I feel confident and free in every situation. Marix Reimprinting has helped me to remember who I am and to remember that I have all of the answers within myself. Sam has helped me to clear old programming and to look within to create a life for myself that is full of love, abundance, and freedom. I would recommend EFT and Matrix Reimprinting with Sam to any one who is feeling in need of freedom and self-knowing.

Renee, Yoga Teacher

Alexia Traverse-Healey

Actor and Holistic Therapist

Justin McCarthy


Jane Lawson

Holistic Teacher and Centre Owner


Book a Conscious Discovery Call with Sam to discover how you can resolve your health symptoms and create a thriving life ON YOUR TERMS!

When I first met Sam I was in a bit of a mess.

I had suffered with constant depression and anxiety for years I had contemplated and unsusccessfully attempted suicide a number of times.

I had been to doctors, therapists on pills and nothing seemed to work until my my wife insisted I try Sam and his technique out.

I am a natural sceptic and the thought of parting with my cash for what in my opinion was quackery was a big no.

However the thought of never getting over my mental health issues won out and I thought I’d have a crack at it anyway.

Sam was an instantly likeable fella who had an aura of calm and confidence about him which immediately set me at ease.  We got into the technique straight away and a number of issues, entirely related to my condition, were pinpointed and worked on.

After the first session I felt an instant lifting of a weight that had been on me for what seemed like years and years.

I opted for six sessions in the end and we explored so much in that time.  I feel totally different now and have taken on projects and tasks I could have only dreamed about doing before I met Sam.

I have left with techniques that I still use on a daily basis which have helped enormously with my Mental Health and previous life traumas.

I am glad I was talked into this and I am glad I met Sam who was able to help me get through.  I can wholly recommend Sam and EFT to anyone who is considering trying out this technique.

Justin, Artist